If you’ve ever picked up a copy of Pennsylvania Magazine, you’ve seen my photos on the cover or inside pages.

Ever flipped through a hiking guide at your local bookstore? I contributed nearly 40 photos to this one, which came out in April of 2018.

As a professional real estate photographer with a passion for travel and landscape photography, my camera is my constant companion!

I’ve visited and photographed places many people only dream about.

But one thing has always bothered me.

The majority of information available online about all these amazing destinations was created by professional advertisers, who use their so-called “travel blogs” to exploit people’s curiosity and expose them to a sea of advertisements, pocketing the money from those “ad impressions” while delivering very little useful content.

Sure they sprinkle in a few mediocre photos and vague details along the way, but the primary focus is always the advertisements.

I thought to myself – I can do better than this.

The online story of Pennsylvania’s natural and man-made wonders deserves to be told in a beautiful and informative way, without advertisements and Financial exploitation.

Thus PA Bucket List was born!

About PA Bucket List

My goal is to bring you exceptional photos, honest first-hand descriptions, and accurate directions to Pennsylvania's ultimate travel and adventure destinations. All without the intrusive advertisements and sales pitches you'll find on many for-profit "travel blogs".

No pop-up ads. No banner ads. No video ads. No ads between paragraphs.

Nothing to sell.

Simply the best website experience you can have while researching Pennsylvania’s most outstanding travel and adventure destinations!

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