If you’ve ever picked up a copy of Pennsylvania Magazine, you’ve seen my photos on the cover or inside pages.

Ever flipped through a hiking guide at your local bookstore? I contributed nearly 40 photos to this one, which came out in April of 2018.

The cover of the 2019 Central PA Visitors Guide? That’s my photo, too.

But what about the backstory behind all those photos?

How do you find all these incredible places?

Those are the kind of emails I get every week.

So I decided a website designed to share that sort of information was in order.

Thus PA Bucket List was born!

About PA Bucket List

My goal is to bring you exceptional photos, honest first-hand descriptions, and accurate directions to Pennsylvania's ultimate travel destinations.

Each and every week I plan on sharing new photos and stories about Pennsylvania’s most spectacular waterfalls, covered bridges, hiking/biking trails, mountain vistas, historic sites, abandoned places, and more.

What you’ll see here is my hand-picked best of the best!

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