Waterfalls by Region

The first waterfall on Miners Run in the Loyalsock State Forest.

The 5 Best Waterfall Hikes in Lycoming County

If you're looking for the 5 best waterfall hikes in Lycoming County, you're in the right place! Simply follow the blue text links in each hike description to find the corresponding maps, directions, photos, and...
Third Falls along Dutters Run in the fall.

The 27 Best Waterfalls in the Loyalsock State Forest

The Loyalsock State Forest is a waterfall lover's paradise! Comprised of 114,552 acres scattered across Sullivan, Lycoming, and Bradford counties, there are literally hundreds of waterfalls great and small to be discovered in its midst. What...
High Rock Falls at Worlds End State Park in Sullivan County Pennsylvania.

10 Must-See Waterfalls Near Worlds End State Park

Worlds End State Park lies at the very heart of Sullivan County, one of Pennsylvania's most fertile waterfall regions. And while the park itself is home to only one waterfall (High Rock Falls), it is...
Selfie at Lower Jonathan Run Falls, Ohiopyle State Park

10 Must-See Waterfalls at Ohiopyle State Park

If you're looking for directions to the 10 best waterfalls at Ohiopyle State Park, you're in the right place! While I've published many individual write-ups about the various waterfalls at Ohiopyle State Park over the...
Ferns adorn the rocks near Big Falls on State Game Lands 13, Sullivan County, PA.

The 10 Best Waterfalls on State Game Lands 13

State Game Lands 13 in Sullivan and Columbia counties is often referred to as the "Waterfall Wonderland" of Pennsylvania, and with good reason. It is home to a vast array of magnificent streams and waterfalls,...
An autumn scene from the fifth waterfall on Miners Run in the Loyalsock State Forest.

The McIntyre Wild Area Waterfalls Guide

The McIntyre Wild Area in Lycoming County is home to more than a dozen incredible waterfalls, scattered amongst a handful of magnificent mountain streams. Four of the largest of these waterfall streams are located near...

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