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Pennsylvania’s Best Travel Blog

Hi, I’m Rusty Glessner – welcome to my website, PA Bucket List!

Rusty Glessner is the creator of the PA Bucket List travel blog.

As a professional photographer and lifelong Pennsylvanian, it’s both my pleasure and my privilege to share with you my photos and my experiences visiting Pennsylvania’s most interesting natural and man-made attractions.

The author at the Throne Room on an early April afternoon.

About PA Bucket List

PA Bucket List is your guide to the best things to see and do in Pennsylvania.

The author at Yoder Falls in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania.

Unlike most travel bloggers, I focus EXCLUSIVELY on Pennsylvania, and I ACTUALLY VISIT the places I write about.

Exploring Indian Lookout in the Rothrock State Forest.

So you can be sure when you read about a destination on PA Bucket List, you’re getting FIRST-HAND information from someone who’s really been there!

The author (Rusty Glessner) taking a photo at Fallingwater on a winter day.

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Hyner View State Park sign in Clinton County.

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