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Exploring the Gallitzin Tunnels in Cambria County

The Gallitzin Tunnels in downtown Gallitzin, Pennsylvania.
The Gallitzin Tunnels are a trio of railroad tunnels through the Allegheny Mountains in Cambria County. Completed at different times between 1854 and 1904, these three railroad tunnels are all important historic sites, and two of them are still crucial rail passages to this very day. History of the Gallitzin Tunnels The oldest of the three tunnels is the Allegheny Tunnel, built...

The 10 Best Roadside Attractions Near Wellsboro

A map tp the 10 best roadside attractions near Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
Wellsboro is one of the most popular tourist towns in the PA Grand Canyon, and thousands of adventurous visitors flock there every year to explore the Pine Creek Gorge. But what if you're not so adventurous, or simply can't get around like you used to? Not to worry - I've put together a list of 10 of the best roadside attractions...

Exploring the Rockhill Trolley Museum in Huntingdon County

A Johnstown trolley car, built in 1925, in the Rockhill Trolley Museum collection.
The Rockhill Trolley Museum is the oldest operating trolley museum in Pennsylvania. "Operating" being the important distinction here, as this is a museum where you get to ride the exhibits! History of the Rockhill Trolley Museum Started in 1960, the Rockhill Trolley Museum collects, restores, and operates electric streetcars, or trolleys. That collection includes cars from many Pennsylvania cities including Johnstown, York, Scranton,...

Riding the East Broad Top Railroad in Huntingdon County

The East Broad Top Railroad in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.
The East Broad Top Railroad is back! After a decade-long hiatus, the East Broad Top Railroad is once again offering passenger excursions, shop tours, and visits to the "roundhouse" where their fleet of six steam engines live. As the only surviving narrow gauge common carrier railroad east of the Rocky Mountains, the East Broad Top Railroad has officially been a National...

Exploring the Abandoned South Penn Railroad Aqueduct in Fulton County

The abandoned South Penn Railroad stone arch culvert in Fulton County.
The abandoned South Penn Railroad Aqueduct in Fulton County is a perfectly-preserved remnant of a railroad that never was. Built by skilled Sicilian stone masons without any mortar, this aqueduct looks as good now as it did when it was first built nearly 140 years ago! History of the Abandoned South Penn Railroad Aqueduct In the late 1800s, William Vanderbilt was one...

Exploring the Abandoned Sideling Hill POW Camp in Fulton County

Inside the ruins of the General's quarters at the abandoned Sideling Hill POW Camp in the Buchanan State Forest.
The abandoned Sideling Hill POW Camp in Fulton County was used to house German prisoners of war after the Nazis surrendered in May, 1945. The forests of Pennsylvania were no strangers to POW camps during WWII, as the secret Pine Grove Furnace POW Camp operated just to the east in the Michaux State Forest (Cumberland County) as well. The Sideling Hill...

Discovering the Fountain of Youth Near Pittsburgh

The Fountain of Youth in North Park, north of PIttsburgh.
The Fountain of Youth really does exist, and you can find it in a public park just north of Pittsburgh! Built in the 1930's, this historic spring house has been abandoned as a source of water, but the Fountain of Youth is still a great photo-op and roadside attraction, provided you know how to find it. How to Find the Fountain...

Exploring Laurel Caverns | PA’s Largest Cave

Exploring Laurel Caverns in Fayette County, PA
Laurel Caverns is billed as "Pennsylvania's Largest Cave", and is a great way to spend an hour or two BENEATH the Laurel Highlands! First discovered by Native Americans thousands of years ago, Laurel Caverns has been a popular "show cave" for many decades now. How to Find Laurel Caverns Laurel Caverns is located just off of Route 40 (the original National...

Penn State Honors 9/11 Victims and Heroes

Old Glory hanging from the front of Old Main at Penn State.
Penn State has draped a large American flag over the pillars at Old Main this week, to honor the victims and heroes of the 9/11 attacks that happened 20 years ago. With the Penn State football home opener scheduled for 9/11/2021, the American flag tribute will certainly be a welcome sight to the thousands of alumni and fans returning to...

Exploring the Pennsylvania Military Museum in Centre County

The Pennsylvania Military Museum in Boalsburg, PA.
The Pennsylvania Military Museum in Centre County honors the service of Pennsylvanians in all branches of the military, from colonial times to the present day. The 18,000 square-foot museum houses an impressive collection of weapons, uniforms, vehicles, and photographs of Pennsylvania's citizen-soldiers answering the call of duty in all of America's major armed conflicts. The museum is complemented by a 67-acre...

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