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Exploring Fighter’s Heaven – Muhammad Ali’s Training Camp in PA

Entrance to the gym at Muhammad Ali's training camp in Deer Lake, Pennsylvania.
Would it surprise you to learn that Muhammad Ali, perhaps the greatest boxer of all time, prepared for some of his biggest fights at a training camp he built in rural Pennsylvania? Introduced to Pennsylvania coal country by Gene Kilroy, a member of his entourage, former PR executive with the Philadelphia Eagles, and Schuylkill County native, Muhammad Ali purchased a...

Exploring Big Run Falls in Lawrence County

Big Run Falls at Cascade Park in Lawrence County.
Big Run Falls is located at the center of Cascade Park in New Castle, the county seat of Lawrence County. Or to put it another way, roughly 50 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, near the Pennsylvania - Ohio border. How to Find Big Run Falls in New Castle The entrance to Cascade Park is located along Route 65, so depending on which direction...

Exploring Sinnemahoning State Park in Cameron and Potter Counties

Stevenson Dam Overlook at Sinnemahoning State Park in Cameron County.
Sinnemahoning State Park is a long, narrow park that includes lands on both sides of First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek - a major tributary to the Sinnemahoning Creek.  Sinnemahoning State Park encompasses 1,910 acres of magnificent scenery and outstanding wildlife habitat, and spans from Cameron County in the south to Potter County in the north. Access Sinnemahoning State Park from Route 872...

Exploring Kettle Creek State Park in Clinton County

Kettle Creek State Park in Clinton County Pennsylvania.
Kettle Creek State Park is a remarkable 1,793 acre oasis situated in the Kettle Creek Valley and surrounded by the Sproul State Forest in Clinton County. At the heart of the park lies Kettle Creek Reservoir, a 167 acre / 2.2 mile-long lake formed by the construction of the Alvin Bush Dam as a flood control project and completed in...

Exploring Buttermilk Falls in Beaver County

Buttermilk Falls in Beaver Falls Pennsylvania.
Buttermilk Falls in Beaver County (not to be confused with Buttermilk Falls in Indiana County) is a magnificent waterfall in a rather unexpected, urban location. One of the best features of this Buttermilk Falls is that it is one a handful of waterfalls in Pennsylvania you can stand behind! Directions to Buttermilk Falls in Beaver County Located just a few hundred yards...

Exploring Thomas Run Falls in Bradford County

Thomas Run Falls on Bradford County's State Game Lands 12.
Thomas Run Falls is a marvelous 20 foot-tall waterfall on State Game Lands 12 in Bradford County. Located 2 miles west of the ghost town of Laquin, Thomas Run Falls is a nearby-neighbor to the trio of waterfalls located along the Bradford Falls Trail, just a few miles east on State Game Lands 36. As with any hike on State Game...

Exploring the Ridge Road Vistas in the Elk State Forest

whitehead Vista along Ridge Road in the Elk State Forest.
Ridge Road in the Elk State Forest is the most scenic State Forest road in Pennsylvania! Featuring 6 world-class vistas along a 3 mile stretch of road, it's like a mini-version of the famous Skyline Drive in Virginia. And while there are several ways to access the scenic portion of this north-south running road, I'm going to show you what I...

Remembering the Grand View Ship Hotel in Bedford County

Postcard image of the Grand View Point Hotel along the Lincoln Highway.
The Grand View Ship Hotel was, in its prime, one of the most famous attractions along the Lincoln Highway, the first transcontinental automobile route linking the east and west coasts of the United States. Now only the "grand view" remains, but the story of the rise and fall of the Grand View Ship Hotel is no less fascinating. Building the Grand...

6 Must-See Waterfalls in Bradford County, PA

View from the top of Bradford Falls, looking south towards Schrader Creek Road.
Bradford County, on the New-York - Pennsylvania border, is home to an amazing array of waterfalls! Some are literally roadside, while others involve challenging hikes. Here is a nice cross-section of those wet and wild destinations - 6 must-see waterfalls in Bradford County, PA! For each waterfall mentioned, simply click on the blue text link to view details and directions to each...

17 Abandoned Places in PA You Can Legally Explore

The western portal of Rays Hill Tunnel along the Abandoned PA Turnpike
Pennsylvania is home to a wide array of awesomely abandoned places you can legally explore! Some of these sites were abandoned due to technological shifts that left them obsolete. Others were abandoned after natural disasters. Some of them have been, in more recent times, repurposed for new uses. But one thing all of them have in common is that the Earth is slowly...

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