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Kunes Camp in the spring of 2020.

Exploring the Ruins of Kunes Camp in the Quehanna Wild Area

The ruins of the abandoned Kunes Camp in the Quehanna Wild Area of Clearfield County are a testament to backwoods construction ingenuity. They're also a reminder of a controversial...
Abandoned nuclear jet engine testing bunker entrance.

Exploring the Nuclear Jet Engine Bunkers in the Quehanna Wild Area

The abandoned nuclear jet engine testing bunkers in the Quehanna Wild Area are a fascinating Cold War-era remnant of Pennsylvania history, now slowly being reabsorbed by the surrounding forest of Cameron County.
The Abandoned PA Turnpike Pike 2 Bike Trail

Exploring The Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike

The Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike is THE MOST apocalyptic hiking / biking trail in the Keystone State! Thirteen miles of abandoned superhighway, last open to...
Some of the more colorful graffiti towards the back of the property at the Windber Trolley Graveyard.

Peer Behind the Locked Gates of the Windber Trolley Graveyard

Visiting the Windber Trolley Graveyard had been on my bucket list for years. Having grown up in Somerset County, I'd heard of it even before the internet and...