PA Abandoned Places

Inside the ruins of the General's quarters at the abandoned Sideling Hill POW Camp in the Buchanan State Forest.

Exploring the Abandoned Sideling Hill POW Camp in Fulton County

The abandoned Sideling Hill POW Camp in Fulton County was used to house German prisoners of war after the Nazis surrendered in May, 1945. The forests of Pennsylvania were no strangers to POW camps during...
The Fountain of Youth in North Park, north of PIttsburgh.

Discovering the Fountain of Youth Near Pittsburgh

The Fountain of Youth really does exist, and you can find it in a public park just north of Pittsburgh! Built in the 1930's, this historic spring house has been abandoned as a source of...
Ruins of the secret German POW camp in Cumberland County Pennsylvania.

Exploring an Abandoned POW Camp in Cumberland County

Did you know that during World War Two, German and Japanese prisoners of war were housed and interrogated at a secret POW camp in what is now the Michaux State Forest in Cumberland County?! The...
See inside the abandoned SCI Cresson in Cambria County PA

Exploring the Abandoned Cresson State Prison in Cambria County

If you love exploring abandoned buildings and/or historic structures, the abandoned Cresson State Prison (AKA SCI Cresson, AKA the Haunted Cresson Sanatorium) seems almost too good to be true! And now thanks to new,...
The western portal of Rays Hill Tunnel along the Abandoned PA Turnpike

33 Abandoned Places in PA You Can Legally Explore

If you're looking for the best abandoned places in PA you can legally explore, this is the article for you! This article highlights 33 abandoned places in PA that continue to fascinate visitors decades after...
Hole in the wall of the abandoned Bayless Paper Mill in Austin, PA.

Exploring the Abandoned Bayless Paper Mill in Potter County

The abandoned Bayless Paper Mill in Potter County is part of a planned 329 acre park and interpretive center dedicated to telling the story of the paper mill, the dam built to sustain it,...
The abandoned Blair Limestone Company kilns at Canoe Creek State Park.

Exploring the Abandoned Lime Kilns at Canoe Creek State Park

The abandoned lime kilns at Canoe Creek State Park are remnants of a thriving limestone-processing facility that once operated around the clock in this now-tranquil corner of Blair County. Origins of the Blair Limestone Company...
How to find the Ghost Town of Scotia near State College Pennsylvania.

Exploring the Ghost Town of Scotia Near State College

Driving along Scotia Range Road through State Game Lands 176 near State College now, you'd never guess that you are passing right by the location of a once-thriving iron mining boomtown. But in the late...
The 4 duplexes on the northern edge of Concrete City.

Exploring Concrete City in Luzerne County

If you're looking for information about the abandoned Concrete City, you're in the right place! Concrete City is one of the most-famous ghost towns in Pennsylvania, and it lies tucked away in an overgrown, wooded...
Graffiti inside the northern nuclear jet engine bunker in the Quehanna Wild Area.

The 12 Spookiest-Sounding Places in Pennsylvania

If you're looking for some of the spookiest-sounding places in Pennsylvania, you're in the right place! From Hell's Hollow to the Shades of Death Trail. From hooded graves to a deserted superhighway to a haunted church. Forget...