PA Roadside Attractions

A guide to the best roadside attractions in Pennsylvania.
A guide to the best roadside attractions in Pennsylvania.

If you’re looking for a guide to the best roadside attractions in Pennsylvania, you’re in the right place!

The Bedford Coffee Pot, August 2021.
The Bedford Coffee Pot along the Lincoln Highway.

For those times when you want to see something truly awesome without expending a lot of effort, these are the attractions for you. 

The Haines Shoe house is 48 feet long 25 feet high and 17 feet wide.
The Haines Shoe House along the Lincoln Highway in York.

I’ve created this interactive map below to provide you with accurate directions to some of Pennsylvania’s best roadside attractions.

Simply click on the blue text links on the map above or in the articles below to read more in-depth information about each roadside attraction.

Whimsical playground filled with colorful toys, bicycles, and vibrant chairs set against the artistic mural backdrop of Randyland in Pittsburgh.
Randyland in Pittsburgh.

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