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The Ledges Trail Overlook in Huntingdon County at Trough Creek State Park.

The 12 Best Scenic Overlooks in Huntingdon County

Perhaps best known for being the location of Pennsylvania's largest lake (Lake Raystown), Huntingdon County is also home to an impressive number of unforgettable scenic overlooks! Some are roadside, some require a vigorous hike to...
Rusty Glessner at Indian Wells Overlook in Centre County Pennsylvania

The 13 Best Scenic Overlooks in Centre County

To most people Centre County is synonymous with one thing - Happy Valley! But the thing about valleys is you have to have mountains on either side, and the mountains of Centre County are home...
The view from the upper overlook at Chimney Rocks Park.

Exploring the Scenic Overlooks at Chimney Rocks Park in Blair County

Chimney Rocks Park near Hollidaysburg in Blair County is home to 3 impressive scenic overlooks in a beautiful borough park setting. Chimney Rocks Park FAQs Where exactly is Chimney Rocks Park located? Chimney Rocks Park is...
An autumn afternoon at Big Mountain Overlook in the Buchanan State Forest

The 7 Best Scenic Overlooks in the Buchanan State Forest

The Buchanan State Forest is home to many sensational scenic overlooks! Covering nearly 72,000 acres in Bedford, Fulton, and Franklin counties, the mountain ridges in the Buchanan State Forest are perfect for folks looking for...
Square Timber Vista along Ridge Road in Cameron County.

The 20 Best Scenic Overlooks in PA Elk Country

Pennsylvania Elk Country is home to some spectacular scenic overlooks! And while most people flock to Elk, Cameron, Clinton, and northwestern Centre counties to catch a glimpse of the Pennsylvania elk herd, the mountainous terrain...
Fall foliage at New Lancaster Valley Vista in the Bald Eagle State Forest.

The 8 Best Scenic Overlooks in the Bald Eagle State Forest

The Bald Eagle State Forest is home to some of the finest scenic overlooks Pennsylvania. And while many require some degree of hiking ability to reach them, I'm going to show you 8 fantastic ROADSIDE...
A view of Deer Valley Lake from Camp Buckey Overlook in Somerset County.

The 10 Best Scenic Overlooks in the Laurel Highlands

The Laurel Highlands of Western Pennsylvania (Somerset, Fayette, and Westmoreland counties) are home to some of the finest scenic vistas in the Keystone State! From the top of Mount Davis, the highest point in Pennsylvania,...
Wolf Rocks Trail in western Pennsylvania.

Exploring Wolf Rocks Overlook in the Forbes State Forest

Wolf Rocks in the Forbes State Forest is an outstanding scenic overlook approximately 9 miles northwest of Somerset, PA. How to Find the Wolf Rocks Trail Wolf Rocks Overlook is located at the end of the...
A summer afternoon at David's Vista near State College PA

The 5 Best Scenic Overlooks Near State College

When most people think of sightseeing in State College their thoughts turn immediately to Penn State University. The Nittany Lion Shrine. Old Main. Pattee Library. But surrounding State College and Penn State University are the mountains that make...
Penn State campus as viewed from the MIke Lynch Overlook on Mount Nittany.

Hiking Mount Nittany Near State College

Hiking Mount Nittany is one of those "bucket list" items that every past and present Penn Stater aspires to do! Looming large on the horizon of State College and the Penn State main campus, Mount...