Exploring Shohola Falls in Pike County

This collage showcases five distinct perspectives of Shohola Falls and its surroundings in Pike County, Pennsylvania. The top left photo captures the falls from a distance, emphasizing their width and the surrounding greenery. The top right image offers a view through a tree’s branches, highlighting the falls' vertical drop. The middle image is a close-up that blurs the rushing water, conveying its movement. The bottom left shows a tree with intricate roots beside the waterfall, illustrating the interplay between flora and water. Lastly, the bottom right photo features a wooden observation deck extending toward a lake, providing a peaceful vantage point against a backdrop of overcast skies. Each photo collectively portrays the diverse beauty of the falls and the serene landscape.

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A wide-angle view captures the majestic Shohola Falls in Pike County, Pennsylvania, with water powerfully cascading over a series of natural rock terraces. The falls are nestled in a woodland setting, with leafless trees and evergreens framing the scene, suggesting the image was taken in the cooler months. The water's smooth, white veils are the result of a slow shutter speed, emphasizing the motion and the waterfall's grace. Overcast skies with a hint of blue add a serene mood to this natural landscape.

Shohola Falls, a powerful and easily-accessible waterfall, is located along Route 6, ten miles west of Milford, PA.

The image provides a trailside view of Shohola Falls in Pike County, Pennsylvania, where the falls make a dramatic drop over a moss-covered rocky cliff. The falls are framed by the winter-bare branches of deciduous trees and the dark greens of evergreens, indicating the season is likely late fall or early spring. A broken tree trunk in the foreground adds a rugged character to the scene. The water appears in motion, with a misty, blurred effect that suggests the power and movement of the cascade. Overhead, the sky is a patchwork of clouds and light, casting a natural, diffuse light over the landscape.

The falls are located on Shohola Creek, just downstream from the 909 acre Shohola Lake waterfowl impoundment on State Game Lands 180.

The image depicts a well-constructed wooden walkway leading to an observation deck overlooking a lake at Shohola Falls in Pike County, Pennsylvania. The deck provides an unobstructed view of the tranquil water and a partially submerged cluster of trees, reflecting the calm, scenic environment. The sky above is a dramatic expanse of white and gray clouds, suggesting an overcast day. The surrounding landscape is in a state of winter dormancy with bare trees, and the wooden structure offers a sturdy vantage point for visitors to take in the serene beauty of the lake.

Directions to Shohola Falls

The parking area for Shohola Falls is located along Brooks Road on State Game Lands 180.

If navigating by GPS coordinates, use 41.39050, -74.96916 to find this parking lot, near the dam on Shohola Lake.

A vibrant orange pickup truck is parked on an asphalt lot, surrounded by towering green trees. In the background, a serene lake stretches into the distance, hinting at the natural beauty of Shohola Falls in Pike County, Pennsylvania. The sky above is a dynamic canvas with patches of blue peeking through the predominant gray-white clouds, suggesting a cool, overcast day. The scene is peaceful, with the truck standing out against the natural palette of the landscape.

From the parking lot, follow the obvious gravel path towards the dam.

The photograph captures a tranquil scene at Shohola Falls in Pike County, Pennsylvania, viewed from a grassy area leading to a dirt path edged with stones. The path winds towards a small dam where water is spilling over into a calm pool below, surrounded by the leafless trees of early spring. Several evergreens punctuate the landscape, providing year-round color. The sky is a blend of white and blue, with clouds suggesting an early spring day. This vantage point offers a serene perspective on the man-made dam above the falls, integrated into the natural beauty of the location.

Descend this staircase alongside the stream to get get your first real look at Shohola Falls.

The image captures a rustic wooden staircase leading down to a viewing area of Shohola Falls in Pike County, Pennsylvania. The stairs are bordered by a simple wooden fence, both showing signs of natural weathering. Leafless trees are scattered throughout the area, suggesting that the season is either fall or winter. In the background, glimpses of the waterfall can be seen through the trees, with the water appearing white and frothy as it rushes over rocks. The overcast sky implies a cool and possibly damp day, adding to the earthy and natural ambiance of the scene.

The trail then continues along a ledge in front of the falls, so that you can view it from a variety of angles.

The photograph offers an up-close view of Shohola Falls in Pike County, Pennsylvania, taken from a trail ledge. In the foreground, a tree with exposed roots clings to the edge of the earthy trail, demonstrating nature's resilience. Beyond the tree, the falls cascade energetically over layered rock formations, creating a frothy white water spectacle. The surrounding terrain features a mix of bare deciduous trees and evergreens clinging to the rocky cliffside, suggesting a cool, possibly early spring setting. The river below the falls appears to be flowing swiftly, carved into the forested landscape, while the overcast sky suggests a damp, fresh atmosphere.

The total distance from the parking lot to the front of the falls is less than 150 yards.

Shohola Falls Pike County PA
Shohola Falls, Pike County, PA

Exploring Shohola Falls

Shohola Falls is roughly 30 feet tall and close to 75 feet wide.

A cascading waterfall at Shohola Falls in Pike County, Pennsylvania, flows vigorously over tiered rocky ledges. The rushing water creates a smooth, silky texture, indicative of a long exposure photograph. Surrounding the falls are bare deciduous trees and evergreens, suggesting a season of early spring. The sky above is a soft mix of white and blue, possibly indicating an overcast day. The natural setting evokes a sense of tranquility and the raw power of nature.

Certainly, anyone passionate about Nature who is visiting the Poconos or traveling along Route 6 should consider a stop at Shohola Falls.

Shohola Falls on State Game Lands 180 in Pike County Pennsylvania
Shohola Falls on State Game Lands 180 in Pike County, Pennsylvania.

Its convenient location near this key highway, along with its proximity to Milford and the Delaware Water Gap, makes it an essential destination for waterfall enthusiasts in the area.

The image showcases the dynamic Shohola Falls in Pike County, Pennsylvania, where the water forcefully tumbles over a multitude of rock ledges. The perspective captures the breadth and power of the falls, framed by the rugged beauty of the surrounding rock faces and a variety of trees, some with bare branches suggesting an early spring or late fall season. Clouds scatter across the sky, casting a soft, diffused light that enhances the waterfall's white frothy cascades. The scene conveys a natural, untouched wilderness.

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Nearby Attractions

If you haven’t already, you MUST visit what the National Park Service bills as “the tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania” – Raymondskill Falls.

Raymondskill Falls in Pennsylvania
Upper and middle tiers of Raymondskill Falls in Pike County PA.

Not only is Raymondskill Falls a sight to behold, but there are several unnamed waterfalls upstream along Raymondskill Creek, including the one pictured below.

Unnamed waterfall on Raymondskill Creek in the Delaware Water Gap
Unnamed waterfall on Raymondskill Creek in the Delaware Water Gap

And as luck would have it, Dingmans Falls, the “second tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania” is also located nearby, off of Route 209 in the Delaware Water Gap.

Dingmans Falls in eastern Pennsylvania.
Dingmans Falls in Pike County.

Dingmans Falls is listed at 130 feet tall, and is located along a stroller and wheelchair-accessible boardwalk minutes from the Dingmans Falls Visitors Center.

Boardwalk trail between Dingmans Falls and Silverthread Falls in Pike County, Pennsylvania.
Boardwalk trail between Dingmans Falls and Silverthread Falls in Pike County, Pennsylvania.

Silverthread Falls is located along the same boardwalk trail as Dingmans Falls, and at 80 feet tall, is an amazing sight in its own right!

Silverthread Falls in the Delaware Water Gap.
Silverthread Falls in the Delaware Water Gap.

Hackers Falls is a 20 foot-tall, fan shaped waterfall located in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in Pike County.

A collage of four photos highlighting different aspects of Hackers Falls in Pike County, Pennsylvania. The top left image shows the waterfall flowing through a forested area, framed by trees. The top right image captures a close-up of the main waterfall cascading over a rocky ledge into a pool below. The bottom left image features a gravel trail with a signpost indicating the Cliff Trail and Hackers Trail, set within dense woodland. The bottom right image displays the waterfall from a wider angle, showcasing the cascading water over multiple rocky steps, surrounded by lush greenery.
Scenes from Hackers Falls.

Sawkill and Savantine Falls are a pair of picturesque but seldom-seen waterfalls in the Delaware State Forest.

Collage of four images featuring a hiker at Sawkill and Savantine Falls in the Delaware State Forest, Pike County, Pennsylvania. The images depict the hiker at various viewpoints of the cascading waterfalls. The top left and right photos show him observing the falls from different angles, with the water spilling over rocky terraces amidst a forest setting. The bottom left photo captures the hiker in front of a broad, flowing curtain of water, and the bottom right shows him from behind, looking out at a wide, multi-tiered waterfall. Each scene is framed by the rugged beauty of the forest, showcasing the tranquil and picturesque environment of these waterfalls.
Scenes from Sawkill and Savantine Falls.

Bushkill Falls, often dubbed the “Niagara of Pennsylvania,” is a privately-owned nature park that features eight stunning waterfalls, accessible through a network of scenic trails and beautiful boardwalks that cater to all levels of hikers.

A collage of five images encapsulates the diverse experiences at Bushkill Falls, Pike County, Pennsylvania. The top left image displays a robust observation deck overlooking a cascading waterfall. Adjacent to it on the right, the park's entrance building welcomes visitors with a large "Welcome to Bushkill Falls" sign. Below, a wooden walkway stretches over rushing waters, leading visitors through the tranquil environment. The bottom left shows a set of wooden stairs winding through the forest, offering a rustic path for exploration. Finally, a visitor in red, centered in the bottom right, photographs one of the park’s majestic waterfalls, highlighting the picturesque beauty and recreational opportunities available in this section of the Pocono Mountains, all embraced by the park's well-crafted wooden structures.
Scenes from Bushkill Falls in Pike County.

Upper Indian Ladders Falls in Pike County is a 30 foot-tall, multi-tiered waterfall along Upper Hornbecks Creek, located within the 77,000-acre Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

A collage of four photos capturing the beauty and experience of visiting Upper Indian Ladders Falls in Pike County, Pennsylvania. The top left and top right images showcase the stunning waterfall with water cascading over rocky tiers, surrounded by a dense forest with scattered fallen branches. The bottom left image features a steep wooden staircase with metal railings, leading down through the forest to the falls. The bottom right image shows the trailhead sign for Upper Hornbecks Creek, displaying a detailed map and safety information for hikers exploring the area.
Scenes from Upper Indian Ladders Falls.

Lower Indian Ladders Falls is a 25 foot-tall waterfall along Lower Hornbecks Creek, also located within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

A collage of four photos related to Lower Indian Ladders Falls in Pike County, PA. The top left image shows the 25-foot-tall waterfall cascading over moss-covered rocks into a pool below. The top right image features a wooden and metal footbridge crossing Hornbecks Creek, part of the trail leading to the falls. The bottom left image depicts the trailhead information board for Lower Hornbecks Creek, displaying a detailed map, regulations, and safety tips. The bottom right image is another view of Lower Indian Ladders Falls, highlighting the lush greenery and rocky cliffs surrounding the waterfall within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.
Scenes from Lower Indian Ladders Falls.

Housed in a stunning 1904 neo-classical mansion in Milford, the The Columns Museum features two floors brimming with artifacts and memorabilia that chronicle the rich tapestry of Pike County’s past.

A collage of four photos taken at the Columns Museum in Pike County, PA. The top left photo shows the museum's exterior, a stately white building with large columns, and a sign indicating it is the home of the Pike County Historical Society and the Lincoln Flag. The top right photo features the display of the famous "bloody Lincoln flag," believed to have cushioned President Lincoln's head after he was shot. The bottom left photo shows a collection of military uniforms and artifacts, representing the contributions of local veterans. The bottom right photo displays a room filled with historical artifacts, including a cabinet with dishes, a grandfather clock, and a portrait of Charles Sanders Peirce along with his personal effects. This collage highlights the museum's diverse exhibits and rich historical collections.
Scenes from the Columns Museum.

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