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Exploring Baughman Rock Overlook at Ohiopyle State Park

The author photographing an autumn sunrise at Baughman Rock Overlook.
Baughman Rock Overlook is one of the most spectacular mountain vistas in the Laurel Highlands region of southwestern Pennsylvania! Located at Ohiopyle State Park in Fayette County, this overlook offers tremendous bang for your buck - miles of views just a few yards from a roadside parking area. So how do you find this remarkable four-season destination? Where is Baughman Rock Overlook? How...

Exploring Ohiopyle Falls at Ohiopyle State Park

A young couple enjoying the magnificent view at the Ohiopyle Falls overlook along the Ferncliff Trail.
The Niagara Falls of Western PA Sometimes referred to as the "Niagara Falls of Western Pennsylvania", Ohiopyle Falls is located near the center of 19,052 acre Ohiopyle State Park, just off Route 381 in Fayette County. The name Ohiopyle comes from the Native American term "ohiopehhla", which loosely translates into modern English as "white, frothy water", a reference to the whitewater...

Exploring Cucumber Falls at Ohiopyle State Park

An autumn view of Cucumber Falls at Ohiopyle State Park.
Cucumber Falls at Ohiopyle State Park is arguably the most photogenic and most photographed waterfall in western Pennsylvania! A graceful 30 foot drop that looks simply magnificent in all seasons. So where exactly is Cucumber Falls, and what do you need to know before you visit? Getting There How to Find Cucumber Falls at Ohiopyle State Park From the town of Ohiopyle proceed...

The McIntyre Wild Area Waterfalls Guide

An autumn scene from the fifth waterfall on Miners Run in the Loyalsock State Forest.
The McIntyre Wild Area in Lycoming County is home to more than a dozen incredible waterfalls, scattered amongst a handful of magnificent mountain streams. Four of the largest of these waterfall streams are located near Ralston and the Rock Run Valley, an area renowned for its natural beauty as well as its mining and logging history. Each of these four waterfall...

Exploring Hounds Run Falls in the McIntyre Wild Area

Rusty Glessner at Hounds Run Falls in the Loyalsock State Forest.
Hounds Run Falls is an outstanding triple-tiered waterfall in the storied McIntyre Wild Area, a remote portion of the Loyalsock State Forest in Lycoming County. Getting There How to Find Hounds Run Falls in the McIntyre Wild Area From Route 14 in Ralston (Lycoming County), turn onto Rock Run Road. Travel 3.78 miles northeast on Rock Run Road, a "No Winter...

Exploring Miners Run Falls in the McIntyre Wild Area

An autumn scene from the fifth waterfall on Miners Run in the Loyalsock State Forest.
Miners Run Falls, located in the McIntyre Wild Area (Lycoming County), is a series of six magnificent waterfalls all located within 0.6 miles of Rock Run Road. But seeing these waterfalls requires off-trail hiking, and that scares some folks away. Relax! I'm going to show you THE best hiking route to take to safely see all six waterfalls, as well as...

Exploring Yoder Falls in Somerset County

The author preparing to make the second wet crossing on the hike to Yoder Falls.
If you're looking for directions to Yoder Falls near Johnstown, you're in the right place! Situated near the Somerset / Cambria County line on land owned by the city of Johnstown (but open to public hiking), it is a popular destination for locals looking for a short hike to a sequestered destination. So how do you find this picturesque waterfall which...

Hiking the Mitchell Trail at Ohiopyle State Park

Selfie at Sugar Run Falls, Ohiopyle State Park.
The Jonathan Run Trail at Ohiopyle State Park is THE best waterfall hike in western Pennsylvania. Four uniquely beautiful waterfalls, all situated along or near this iconic trail. But sometimes, particularly in the summer, the relatively small parking area fills up quickly. And the Jonathan Run Trail can easily become crowded, leading to a less-than-peaceful hike. So What is the Best...

Exploring Jonathan Run Falls at Ohiopyle State Park

The author at Lower Jonathan Run Falls in the spring of 2019.
Jonathan Run Falls is the collective term given to a pair of outstanding waterfalls spaced 1/3 of a mile apart along Jonathan Run at Ohiopyle State Park. When you couple the hike to those two waterfalls with short side-excursions to nearby Sugar Run Falls and Fechter Run Falls, you have what I consider to be THE best waterfall hike in...

How to Find Kyler Fork Falls in the Sproul State Forest

The author at Kyler Fork Falls.
Where is Kyler Fork Falls? Kyler Fork Falls is located in northern Centre County, midway between Renovo to the northeast and the village of Moshannon to the southwest. Basically 13 miles from either location, situated just off Route 144. Hiking Directions There are two different routes you can take to reach Kyler Fork Falls. Option #1 The first route would be to simply park in...

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