PA Roadside Attractions

The Bedford Coffee Pot along Route 30.

Exploring the Bedford Coffee Pot along the Lincoln Highway

The Bedford Coffee Pot in Bedford County is a unique 18 foot-tall "novelty structure" built along what was known at the time as the Lincoln Highway, America's first coast-to-coast highway. Constructed in 1927 by David...
Roadside fall foliage at the Marion Brooks Natural Area

The 5 Best Roadside Attractions in the Quehanna Wild Area

The Quehanna Wild Area is one of the largest unpopulated areas in Pennsylvania, perfect for those looking to escape the daily grind of civilization! 75 square miles of forest, streams, and mountain meadows, crisscrossed by...
Fall foliage at Seven Springs Resort in Somerset County Pennsylvania.

22 Fabulous Fall Foliage Destinations in the Laurel Highlands of PA

The Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania are Heaven on Earth for fall foliage lovers! In 2020 USA Today ranked the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania the #3 place in the entire United States to view fall foliage. And they were kind enough...
Dragon on a train car at Doolittle's Dinosaurs in DuBois Pennsylvania.

15 Must-See Roadside Attractions along Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania

Interstate 80 cuts an uninterrupted 311 mile east-west trail across the northern third of Pennsylvania. And while you might not think of Interstate 80 as a "scenic highway", it does in fact pass through or...

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