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Exploring Fallingwater in Fayette County

Early spring at Fallingwater in the Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands.
If you're looking for information about visiting Fallingwater in Fayette County, you're in the right place! Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater is widely acclaimed as an architectural masterpiece and one of the most famous homes in the world - in 1991 an American Institute of Architects poll voted it "the best all-time work of American architecture". In 2019, the United Nations...

Exploring the Big Savage Tunnel along the Great Allegheny Passage

The well-lit and refurbished Big Savage Tunnel along the Great Allegheny Passage in Somerset County PA.
The Big Savage Tunnel is one of the structural marvels of Pennsylvania, located near mile marker 23 along what is now the Great Allegheny Passage hiking/biking trail in Somerset County. History of the Big Savage Tunnel In the early 1900s coal and steel were king in this region, and the Western Maryland Railway sought to connect Maryland to Pennsylvania and grab...

Exploring the Pack Saddle Bridge in Somerset County

A summertime view of the Pack Saddle Covered Bridge in Somerset County, PA.
If you have never been to the Pack Saddle Bridge, there is one thing that sets it apart from all other covered bridges in Pennsylvania - waterfalls! Frothy and surging when Brush Creek is swollen by heavy rain. Sluggish and COLD in the Laurel Highlands winter! Sometimes seeming to literally grind to a halt in February, although the current is always...

Exploring Dutchmans Run Falls in the McIntyre Wild Area

Ice formations surround the First Falls on Dutchmans Run in the McIntyre Wild Area, Lycoming County PA.
Dutchmans Run Falls is a series of towering waterfalls along a rugged mountain stream in the McIntyre Wild Area, part of the greater Loyalsock State Forest in Lycoming County. A Brief History of the McIntyre Wild Area Long before it was a 7,279 acre hiking mecca, the McIntyre Wild Area was home to the McIntyre Coal Company and the company town...

Peer Behind the Locked Gates of the Windber Trolley Graveyard

Some of the more colorful graffiti towards the back of the property at the Windber Trolley Graveyard.
If you're looking for information about the Windber Trolley Graveyard, you're in the right place! The Windber Trolley Graveyard was a privately-owned collection of more than 50 trolley cars, train cars, and busses, housed on the grounds of a former coal company rail car shop. But as reported by multiple media outlets, including railfan.com, the Windber Trolley Graveyard was sold to...

10 Amazing Winter Scenes at Ohiopyle State Park

The snow covered Great Allegheny Passage as it passes over the High Bridge at Ohiopyle State Park
Here are 10 amazing winter scenes from Ohiopyle State Park that prove the fun doesn't stop when the snowfall starts! 1. Cucumber Falls You may have splashed around at Cucumber Falls in the summer. As one of the most popular waterfalls in the Laurel Highlands, if not all of western Pennsylvania, that wouldn't be surprising. But have you seen it...